Our Mission

…to discover, share, and continue the great Canadian story.

Our Core Values

Toonie Tours offers a unique and honest perspective of Canada.

Our Values

  • the connection between a local and their community, and their ability to share that through a tour of experience
  • high quality, entertaining, relevant, and informative experiences for visitors and locals
  • Canadian culture, history, and character

Leadership Team

Toonie Tours is a family-run business, three young entrepreneurs who are humbled to serve their community.

Joshua Murdoch

Nathan Murdoch

Ariel Murdoch

Featured Guides

Our guides are local experts passionate about meeting people, travelling and sharing their community.

on a new journey

Logan, Joshua, and Nathan

Logan Ireland

Founding member and instrumental contributor to the Toonie Tours experience. 

Toonie Tours began as a dream shared by three best friends traveling in Europe. Starting in 2018, Logan, Joshua, and Nathan embarked upon bringing Canada the red umbrella and #1 Free Walking Tour to share their appreciation and awe of Canada and North America. 

With the admiration for freedom, nature, and exploration, Toonie Tours was born.  

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We love to hear from our customers and community. Please send us an email, follow us on social media or give us a phone call. 

Phone: + 1 778 244 8648
Email: guide@toonietours.ca
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