10 Jan 2021 | Blog, For Kids, Virtual Experiences


Virtual experiences for kids seem to be few and far between, especially ones as unique as these. The goal of this post is to shed light on a few unheard-of kid-friendly activities and to support family run businesses.

Start: Spark The Imagination

The Tips-Based Virtual Tour of The Rockies flies over the gorgeous Northern Rockies that surround the worlds longest main street! A main street in the Rocky Mountains? Certainly! The Alaska-Canada highway, also known as “The Alcan,” stretches 2200 kilometres from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, Alaska. Once you have travelled or seen the highway for yourself the “main street” comparison makes a lot of sense.

The Tour hops aboard an epic drone ride that will give views of areas never seen before. The sights will spark the imagination of kids and adults alike which will steamroll into trip planning by the end of this tour. The Northern Rockies are special, not only because of the magnificent mountains and tiffany blue lakes but because of the northern hospitality.

There’s something about the north that pushes the boundaries of the human personality. Or maybe it’s because these individuals meet others so scarcely that when they do, it’s a duty to go above and beyond to make them feel welcome.

The virtual tour is 75 minutes and may run slightly longer or shorter based on group interaction and how many questions are asked. The guide is always happy to help with any trip planning that may arise during the tour.

As a tips-based virtual experience for kids, it is available to everyone. Just keep in mind that the only income the guides makes is from your generosity. Whatever you can afford to give has a big impact.

Middle: Flex The Brain Muscles

Once it becomes difficult to spark the imagination any further, it is time to turn to the brain exercises in the form of virtual escape rooms!

Trapped Entertainment of Grande Prairie, AB has expanded the availability of their products to the world with virtual escape rooms. This includes kid-friendly activities for ages 5 and up. These are great virtual experiences for kids and adults and even groups or corporate events.

They have four virtual escape rooms each with a unique storyline and each last up to an hour. The goal is to complete the challenge in a timely fashion so as not to let the clock run out. Depending on your skill level, the experience could be shorter than an hour. Don’t worry, the successful feeling of solving the mystery faster will be sufficient to make up for the shortened time.

Trapped Entertainment’s Current Virtual Escape Rooms

End: Flex The Body Muscles

The time spent indoors has been building up, so at this point, I like to recommend getting outside. Of course, in a unique and skilful way. That’s why I recommend that before you get outside, grab your tools and check out this video playlist from Dude Dad!

This may not fit into the virtual experiences for kids category but it will certainly spark the imagination! Dude Dad has created a playlist of all the DIY (Dad It Yourself) projects that he has done for his kids from creating a massive bubble maker to making breakfast for his family with power tools.

The videos are fun and lighthearted with some great ideas for home activities created out of tools, spare parts, and a little ingenuity. As a dad, Dude Dad does focus a majority of his video content on kid-friendly activities and a good handful on fun parenting content.

My hope is that this will inspire you to get out and enjoy your neighborhood with new inspiration when it warms up to California weather.



The pandemic has set its teeth deep into the heart of small businesses in North America. These small businesses, Trapped Entertainment and Toonie Tours added another layer of resilience to the tragic barrage towards them with their new online experiences and kid-friendly activities. There is great fun to be had from the comfort of your home, and for those eager to get outside, Dude Dad provides great inspiration to make your backyard an amusement park.