02 Jan 2021 | Blog

2020 has been a dream come true! It’s even easy to say that I couldn’t’ve asked for a better year.

You might be thinking this is a sarcastic blog entry, a piece a satire, but I assure you, it’s not.

You might be thinking there’s a catch. I assure you, there’s not.

I’ve chosen that being grateful is how I want to feel, and that’s the way it’s been.

Sure, my business is on its last breath, and I’ve lost more friends than I’ve gained, but it directed me to exactly where I need to be.

In March, the Toonie Tours leadership team decided to side down, practice patience, and wait (for restrictions to lift). And after a month, we realized that the tourism industry was going to have the most horrific year. It did.

After March, the team decided to hold off till fall, and that’s when a beautiful opportunity fell into my lap.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park was looking for a Park Operator, and by golly,

I was going to fill those blundstone boots.

You may have never heard of Muncho Lake and it may have something to do with the fact that the steady population is about 8 people, and in the summer it might get as high as 60. This seemed like a good deal to me, although I was a bit nervous of what these 8 individuals would think about some city boy stomping on their territory.

Speaking of deals, “Does it pay?”, you ask.

Fishing on Munch Lake

About the same as the Canadian Emergency Relief Benefits.

And I got the job because I was the only one who applied… thank God. It was an easy decision, though, because I like to work for my paycheque – good ol’ Canuck here, eh?! There’s something about earning what I make that makes me feel strong and allow me to continue being grateful.

Living conditions were fun, my 20-year-old RV camper was free, and riddled with black mold. I had an outhouse, 170 sq/ft (14 sq/m) of living quarters, and 500 kms (310 miles) of highway and wilderness to explore. This was pure paradise for the state of affairs.

Muncho Lake is at the North Eastern tip of British Columbia, along the famous Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN), stretching from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, Alaska.

The lake is 12 kilometers of emerald green water, and home to many delicious Lake Trout. OH and did I mention those 8 locals we pure Canadian gems I tell ya! The picture below was taken by Todd, a born and raised Northern Rockies resident. Todd spends nearly all of his summer at Muncho Lake, he took me out on his boat, got the downriggers going, and taught me to catch a fish in less than an hour!



Sun still up after 22:00


Muncho Lake Fishing

Easy being grateful with a full stomach of delicious fish. My stomping grounds were surrounded by hikes, off-road trails, and one incredible eatery, Double G’s. (I’ll give you the scoop on this delicious eatery in my next post!)

Classic Toonie Tours adventures ensued… Real-Canadian Toonie Tours experiences – amazing friends in plaid who are wood-bucking, fish-frying, and gas-burning to have a bit fun – that is a Toonie Tour for ya!

Wait a minute! What kind of tour is it if you don’t share any of the experience? Don’t worry, Nathan and Ariel have you covered. With their new drone they captured a fair bit, and it’s all for you to see on our brand new epic virtual tour!


Tune in next week for more of my blessing-in-disguise summer and how I remained being grateful in 2020.

All… in the Northern Rockies.