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Toronto, Canada, is an under-the-radar travel destination where you can experience an unforgettable trip. Toronto delivers a long list of aesthetically alluring sights. Everyone in your traveling party will discover something exciting during this great trip, from the incredible islands to the countless parks, the glittering skyline, and the unmissable Niagara Falls.

If traveling to Toronto for the first time, you may find it daunting to tick all the must-see Toronto sights off your list. However, by joining one of the many sightseeing tours available, you will find the tour that will immerse you in all that people love about the city. The options are extensive. You can opt for a private tour, city tours, and other unique experiences to create the perfect trip.

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Exploring Toronto: A Comprehensive Guide

You can become proficient in all that Toronto offers by joining one of the city tours or getting on a boat ride. You can choose a half-day or full-day tour or opt for a private tour and customize it exactly as you wish.

Your tour guide is there to give you as much information about Toronto and share a few secrets that most tourists are unaware of. Toronto has some incredible spots to discover, including Niagara Falls, which are a short drive away, and the following sights are some of the unmissable ones.

Toronto City Tour

An effortless way to familiarize yourself with Toronto is with a hop-on hop-off bus that will take you to see various attractions, including the CN Tower and the Yonge Dundas Square, without having to do much except sit back and look around. This Toronto tour lasts approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes unless you get off the bus.  

Opt for a walking tour if you want more physical activity. People who took the Toonie Tours Toronto walking tour rave about the exciting stories shared by their terrific guide. They share how they learned new things about the city even though they had been to Toronto before. For first-time visitors, tours in Toronto presented a great introduction to the city and its best sights. 

The walking tour takes around three hours, depending on the group’s stops. You can also join a scooter tour to learn about Toronto or opt for bike tours.  

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CN Tower

For a 360-degree view of Toronto, visit the CN Tower. The tower is a must-visit spot because it offers unparalleled views of Toronto. If you love the idea of a stunning view, enjoy a fine-dining romantic experience in the tower’s restaurant or take tours of the many museum exhibits.

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The Royal Ontario Museum

For a dose of culture, visit Canada’s largest museum, the Royal Ontario Museum. This place holds over 13 million artwork pieces, including sketches and paintings by Paul Kane.

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Casa Loma

If you want history with a touch of romance, then Casa Loma is the spot to visit. Built in 1911, the private residence is a popular tourist spot thanks to its beautiful architecture. The place is also popular with the movie industry as insiders have used the site for various shoots, including Chicago and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

High Park

Toronto’s High Park tops the list for many visitors. You can watch baseball games or ice-skate at this park, explore the greenhouse, or hike. If you happen to be in Toronto in April or May, you will be fortunate to witness the blooming of the Sakura trees—an unmissable white and pink cherry blossom sight.

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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

When it comes to the longest underwater viewing tunnel in North America, Toronto takes the win with Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. This Aquarium has over 5.7 million liters of water, paving the way for various marine exhibits to stun the whole family. Ripley’s Aquarium includes many touch exhibits, including stingrays and scarlet cleaner shrimp, for a fun experience.

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Private Tours in Toronto

The list of tours in Toronto is long, but there are circumstances where a private tour makes more sense than general day tours. A private tour is a fantastic idea because you can customize the tour to visit the sights that interest you.

Why is a private tour so expensive?

The obvious reason why private tours are more expensive is their customization features. With a private tour, you can choose what you want to see and how you want to learn about Toronto, and the tour operators will create a comprehensive tour. A private tour allows you to choose the timeline, whether a private half-day tour or full-day tour.

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Niagara Falls Excursions

Niagara Falls are around one and a half hours away by car from Toronto, but the drive is worth every minute. Visiting Toronto and not witnessing such a famous natural wonder on a boat cruise would be a shame.

The Niagara Falls Day Tour

The Niagara Falls is renowned for its violent waters and boat trips. Still, Niagara Falls is also a spot showcasing acres of the pristine lake (just Google Niagara on the lake for a glimpse of its beauty), hiking trails, and stunning terrain for an undeniable outdoor experience.

Take a Niagara Falls day tour to visit and discover this breathtaking spot with a boat cruise. Choose a small boat ride for a more intimate trip, or go for a Niagara boat cruise with lunch or a stop at the winery for a thrilling Niagara Falls tour.

Evening and Specialized Toronto Tours

A one-day sightseeing tour is one of the best options to explore Toronto. You can opt for an evening tour in Toronto to experience a different vibe and witness the glittering skyline.

For a unique experience, the Flowerpot Island tour is a must-see. Some great day sightseeing tours will take you on a day trip to this island, which is home to blue waters, towering cliffs, and a rugged landscape where you can spot ferns, black bears, and orchids.

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Must-See Attractions and Hidden Gems

When visiting Toronto there are some spots that you cannot miss. Casa Loma is one example mentioned already, but so are Kensington Market and Lawrence Market.

The Lawrence Market is a haven for food and culture lovers. National Geographic once named it the best food market in the world. It is always bustling with locals and tourists, and it is a must-visit to enjoy food and get a feel of the local culture.

Kensington Market is another must-see spot brimming with an eclectic set of businesses presented in colorful shop fronts. This neighborhood is great for taking the kids to enjoy a pedestrian-friendly Sunday exhibit.

Toronto’s glittering skyline is one of the most noticeable attractions, but beyond this nightly beauty, the place has other hidden gems. There is the Instrammable Vog’s Vault to visit and Balzac’s Coffee for the best caffeine break. Monkey’s Paw is worth a visit if you are an avid reader. This shop specializes in old, unusual, and uncommon books.

Take a day tour from Toronto and visit a peaceful beach. Found thirty minutes from downtown Toronto, full-day tours at Scarborough Bluffs Beach deliver hike trails or an opportunity to swim in summer. If you prefer to avoid crowds, ditch the CN Tower and visit the Chester Hill Lookout instead. This semi-circular lookout presents a panoramic view of Toronto.

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Family-Friendly and Group Tours

When traveling with young children, finding a suitable tour is imperative. The hop-on hop-off bus tours are always easy. Bike tours are excellent, too, but only if your children have experience and can keep up with everyone.

Walking tours are good too, but choose a tour that includes fun attractions for everyone. Toronto offers fun sights for children as well as adults. The Ontario Science Center comes with hands-on exhibits to get your kids curious and live demonstrations that will leave them wanting more.

The Hockey Hall of Fame museum is excellent if your kids are fans, and Centre Island’s Amusement Park is a fun attraction only a ferry ride away. A boat ride is always exciting for kids, and haunted night walking tours are fascinating if your kids love a thrill.

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Becoming a Tour Guide in Toronto

As a tour guide in Toronto, you will meet people from all over the world. To land a job, you must pass a local knowledge test and attend 4 TGAT Educational events. You must also complete an in-person assessment. Having a deep knowledge of the Toronto’s culture, landmarks, and history is also essential.

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Tips and Practical Information

The Best Transportation Options in Toronto

The easiest and most financially sensible way to roam around Toronto is to use public transportation. In Toronto, there are three main modes of public transport: the bus, subway, and streetcar. Purchase a day or week pass, and you will have unlimited rides from all three types of transportation with no more need to spend on transport.

The Best Time to Visit Toronto

Spring and summer are the ideal seasons to visit Toronto because the temperature range will be mild, ranging from 15 to 23 degrees Celcius in summer and -2 to 16 degrees Celsius in spring.

How to Make the Most of a Guided Tour

When you are on the tour, ask questions about the landmarks, the best restaurants and hotels, the best tours, and places you may have missed. Your tour guide is a professional who has studied the local history and scenery, so you can learn all about it. Moreover, if you want time to explore, find tours in Toronto that allow time for visits. If you know your kids will tire of walking, opt for a bus tour.

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Day Trips from Toronto

Niagara Falls is a famous example of a day trip from Toronto, but other terrific options exist. Take a day tour from Toronto with a forty-minute drive to visit The Kelso Conservation, where you can snowboard in winter or hike in warmer seasons. For a more daring option, visit Ganaraska Forest (1 hour and 10 minutes from Toronto) and learn how to dirt bike. Canada’s Wonderland delivers a thrilling day trip for the whole family, while the Blue Mountain Ski resort is perfect for practicing your skiing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are people saying about Toronto Tours?

Most people rave about their tour experiences, sharing how great their tour guide was and how time efficient it was to pack so much in so little time.

How many days do you need to tour Toronto?

You can stay in Toronto for a week or more and have plenty of things to do, but since most people are on a time crunch when on their trip, you should set a minimum of three days aside to immerse yourself in all that Toronto has to offer.

Is Toronto bike friendly?

Bike tours are popular in cities like Toronto, and luckily, the city is ensuring that cycling becomes one of the fastest-growing transportation modes in Toronto. This ensures that, as a tourist, you can bike safely while remaining active during your trip.

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Undoubtedly, the options when visiting Toronto are endless. The available tours in Toronto are endless, too, which is great because you need options to make everyone in your traveling party happy while you sit back and enjoy the glittering skyline or wonder at the marvel of Niagara Falls.

Don’t hold back your questions while on tour and interacting with a local guide. Ask your tour guide for tips, hidden spots, and other experiences only the locals know about for a truly immersive experience, and always opt for a free cancellation option when available. Come and explore the incredible city of Toronto and get the tour to help you feel like a local in a foreign land.


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