11 Oct 2023 | Blog, Toronto

The number of beautiful places worldwide to set your sights on is endless. On that list, you will find none other than the outstanding city of Toronto, Canada. The largest city in the country, Toronto, is a place to visit for many interests.

With so much to do and see in the city, cramming everything into one vacation can be tricky. For this reason, many people visiting Toronto opt for private tours to get a feel of the city with the help of an experienced tour guide.

Thanks to the rise in demand for Toronto private tours, visitors touring this city can choose the best tour that fits their traveling group, taste, and wishes during their vacation. The following are the best tips for choosing a suitable private tour to experience Toronto in a unique and interesting way.


Section 1: Why Choose A Private Tour in Toronto?

The primary reason why you should opt for a private tour is so you can spend less time planning. When you opt for a private tour, you get a customized itinerary that suits your traveling party, taste, and goals. Generic tours have their good points, but not when you have small children or family members who have difficulty moving at a certain pace. When you have a private tour guide, you avoid the pressure of having to keep up.

A private tour in Toronto is the best option if you have a specific way you want to see the city. With tour guides who know all about the place, you will have a customized private tour plan where you can get to know the city in a unique way.

Flexibility is another advantage of private Toronto tours. Customized tours allow you to stay longer hours in one spot if you prefer or move along. The length of the tour is flexible, giving you the time to experience something with more leisure than you would when touring with a group of strangers.


If your priority is to bond with your loved ones, then a private tour is an excellent way of having that exclusive time with them rather than having to make friendly talk with strangers. More than that, a private tour lets you interact with a local expert who will answer your questions and allow you to experience the city at a pace that suits you.

Although you can spend time researching to create an itinerary before visiting Toronto, nothing is better than having an expert tour guide take you to see hidden gems and discover the city’s best-kept secrets. The tour guide will know how to expertly avoid crowds and provide safety measures from traffic (in case you are touring on bikes or scooters). They also abide by COVID-19 safety measures.


Why are private tours so expensive?

A private full-day tour is more expensive because it delivers exclusivity. The price of a private half-day tour or full day reflects the time and expertise taken by the touring company to ensure your goals are met so your traveling party can have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Section 2: Top Private Tours in Toronto

There is a lot to do in Toronto, and you can spend hours going through the different tours to figure out the best one. The alternative is to opt for a private tour and use generic tours as guides to decide which route would be most exciting for everyone. The following are some of the most popular Toronto tours.


The Ultimate Toronto City Tour

The Ultimate Toronto city tour has to be the Toronto private personal guide city tour, where you will experience the city through the eyes of a local. This is a walking tour where you can go as slow or as fast as you want. You will learn about Canadian history during this private half or full-day tour. During a two-hour Toronto Highlights Private tour, you will meet local legends and visit famous establishments. Your private guide will have a list of recommendations for the best Toronto hotel, spots for nightlife, food, art, and anecdotes to make this one-day tour memorable.


This laid-back private tour is great for visiting stunning landmarks like the Union Station, the Gooderham Building, and the CN Tower for a 360-degree city view.


Niagara On The Lake Private Tour

A cruise trip to Niagara Falls with a private tour guide can make the experience more exciting. Why not take a day trip to witness Niagara Falls with a private tour on a boat cruise? You can opt for a wine-tasting experience at Niagara-on-the-lake if you love a good wine or picnic amid the stunning natural surroundings.  


Cultural and Historical Tours

A Scooter Tour of Toronto is great if you love history and culture. You will visit famous landmarks like Casa Loma, the Distillery District, and the Hockey Hall. This tour lets you explore the city in a short duration of three hours with an experienced local personal guide. Your private guide will ensure you get the maximum out of your trip by making the tour full of recommendations and tips to enhance the experience.


Shopping and Culinary Tours

Splurging on goods is always fun, especially when a local guide tells you the best places to shop. Let your tour guide show you the way, whether you are into luxury items or artisanal goods that reflect the culture and history of Toronto, including Lawrence Market.

A culinary tour is the most amusing way to get to know the city if you are a foodie. Your tour guide can take you through a culinary experience that excites the senses so you can experience Toronto’s cuisine with a local who knows what genuine local dishes look and taste like. 


Evening and Night Tours

The city feels different when the lights are on, and the sky grows darker. Enjoy Toronto’s vibrant nightlife and waterfront views with a private night tour. Visit the CN Tower and witness the glittering skyline, or have your personal guide take you to see Toronto Island in a scenic view of the skyline. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum after dark or indulge in the diverse food scene found at Kensington Market. 

Other noteworthy tours in Toronto that you can take privately include a helicopter tour or wildlife tours for a thrill. There is downtown Toronto to visit, tours of the lake, and sightseeing the different nooks of the city. There is the brunch cruise on Lake Ontario and a scooter ride tour for that adrenaline rush. 


Section 3: How to Plan For Toronto Private Tours

Choosing the right tour company is important because these people will set the tone for your vacation. Before booking a tour, please go through the company’s reviews to see what others say about their private tour experience. Check that the company has rave reviews and hundreds of positive remarks.


When researching the right tour operator, compare prices and see how the company fairs compared to others. Besides choosing the day tour, please go through the company’s in-house tour operators to learn more about them. Read their profiles, and if one strikes you as having a personality that fits your group, you can request them as your private tour guide.


Once you select the company, list what you want to see. You may have landmarks or museums in mind that you want to visit. Alternatively, you can choose to list the things that interest your traveling party or how you would like to get to know Toronto. For example, you may have a preference for the art scene or prefer to indulge in various foods along the way. Be sure to include the people who will be on the tour. Let the company know if you have small children or elderly who are not as mobile. The more information you give the tour company, the more tailored the private tour will be for the whole party.


When you receive your customized itinerary from your local tour guide, make sure you understand what is included in the price. Determine whether the price includes round-trip transport, food, access to certain spots, and so on so you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the private tour. Moreover, see if they offer free cancellation in case of an emergency.


What is a private tour itinerary?

A private tour itinerary tells you everything you need to know about your tour. The itinerary should reflect what you want to see as the tour guide creates the schedule after you send the company a list of spots, ideas, and other wishes. The plan included details about the Toronto sights, tentative times for each, options for transport, and other details.


Section 4: Becoming a Tour Guide in Toronto, Canada


In case you know the city well and want to become a Toronto tour guide, the following are the four steps to getting started:

  • Pass the local knowledge test

  • Attend 4 TGAT educational events

  • Complete an in-person assessment

  • Pay a $100 certification fee


Private tour guides must know Toronto through and through because the tourists following their lead expect them to answer their questions. The role of a tour guide in Toronto is unique, especially for those who want to work outdoors, meet new people, and be a great guide.


Section 5: Practical Tips for Tourists

A taxi is always the easiest option to take you from the airport to your hotel, especially after a long flight. Once you are settled and rested, public transport is a great option both financially and practically. Still, you can always take the streetcar or the subway for a different city experience.


Although Toronto is beautiful all year long, the months between June and mid-September and February to May are ideal because the temperature varies from 15 to 23 degrees Celcius and -2 to 16 degrees Celcius.


Opting for a private tour is an excellent choice because you get to familiarize yourself with the city quickly. The exclusive nature of these private tours is perfect because you can relax, see what interests you, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Book your personal tour today with Toonietours to experience a relaxing journey with no hassle and minimal planning.