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Let’s start our journey in Calgary, where buildings of stone and glass inform a metropolis’s tale. it is an area wealthy in history but buzzing with contemporary lifestyles. On our Calgary architecture tours, every turn well-known shows something new. It is a mixture of vintage charm and new thoughts that Toonie Tours Calgary loves to expose.

From the strong sandstone homes to the smooth cutting-edge designs, Calgary’s architecture indicates its increase. The old components of Calgary proudly display its records, at the same time as the brand new sections exhibit innovation.


Calgary spreads over 820.62 km and has a buzzing urban area of 621.72 km. It’s now Canada’s third-largest city, home to over 1.3 million people by 2021. The city isn’t just big; it’s thriving. With a GDP of CA$111.25 billion for the Calgary Metropolitan Region and a GDP per capita of CA$79,885 in 2022, it’s a place of opportunity.  Our journey through Calgary is not just about displaying homes. it is about sharing the active stories of Calgary’s residents, past, and gifts.


Key Takeaways

  • discover the heart of Calgary’s architectural identification by exploring its mixture of historical and contemporary designs.
  • Delve into Calgary’s ancient increase from a third-largest metropolis in Canada to a main monetary hub reflected in each of its skyline and monetary data.
  • enjoy the city’s testament to livability and opulence, from its worldwide livability ranking to its exquisite wide variety of millionaires in step with capita.
  • join Toonie Tours Calgary for an immersive narrative that intertwines the architectural with the personal stories of Calgary.
  • Witness how Calgary’s architecture tours display a cityscape that is as culturally rich as its miles economically vibrant.


Calgary’s Architectural heritage: The Sandstone town

street scene in Calgary
street scene in Calgary

Join us as we discover Calgary’s history, known as the “Sandstone City.” The town’s story began within the past due nineteenth century with just 4,000 humans. These early settlers began constructing what is today a group of ancient structures. The journey begins at Fortress Calgary’s ancient sandstone partitions, marking the town’s starting.


Fort Calgary: A Symbol of Beginnings


Castle Calgary stands tall, a symbol of Calgary’s energy. This fortification symbolizes the city’s capability to rebuild with Paskapoo sandstone after a big hearth in 1886. The fortress’s partitions keep memories of an increase from a small community to a chief Canadian cultural website online, displaying Calgary’s enduring spirit.


Glenbow Museum: Chronicles of Calgary


On the Glenbow Museum, discover Calgary’s wealthy history. This museum is full of artifacts that tell the metropolis’s beyond. It showcases reminiscences of places such as the Hull Opera House and the Southam building, both remembered through pix and stories now2.


Stephen Avenue Walk: Harmonizing the historical and the contemporary


On foot down Stephen Road, you’ll see buildings that constitute Calgary’s records and its destiny. This place is a country-wide historic district that mixes vintage with brand new. buildings just like the James Brief School inform the town beyond amidst cutting-edge stores and cafes given 1905.


We take pride in retaining Calgary’s records, despite some losses within the 1970s and 80s noted by Harry Sanders. Places like Inglewood’s Atlantic Road nevertheless stand robust with homes from as early as 1885. Those need care as they age, showcasing Calgary’s architectural journey.


Let Toonie Tours guide you through Calgary’s landmarks. The city’s architectural tale is inside the homes and the spirit they create. Calgary respects its past while, with a bit of luck, embracing its destiny.


Skylines and Skyscrapers: Calgary’s Modern-day Architectural Marvels

Modern skyscrapers
Modern skyscrapers

On our structure tours, Calgary’s modern homes make a robust announcement. They display the town’s pressure for new thoughts. The Calgary Tower, completed between 1967 and 1968, is a key symbol of this attempt. 1,2. Now, its glass-floor deck offers outstanding views from 2005.


The Bow building is understood for its seems and clever design. It became possible for Foster and companions to address winds well. nearby, ‘Wonderland’ with the aid of Jaume Plensa provides the town’s beauty. The TELUS Sky uses art and green tech, with out of door lighting and an indoor inexperienced wal.


Studio Bell blends antique and new, preserving the King Edward Inn’s history. Its exterior is covered in unique tiles. Inside, it celebrates Canadian music on five floors, showing Calgary’s rich culture.


Calgary continues to grow its architectural style by blending vintage and new, like the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge with its wood design.


Highlights include the imperative Library, the historical metropolis corridor, and Peace Bridge. Each adds its personal touch to Calgary’s various skylines.


In Calgary, homes like cSPACE Marda Loop and the University of Calgary Downtown Campus mix records with contemporary layouts. They add to the metropolis’s charm.


Landmark Design Feature Functional Aspect
Calgary Tower Glass-floor observation deck Historic perspective and urban view
The Bow Building Convex design & double atrium Wind deflection and natural light optimization
TELUS Sky Public art lighting & green wall Artistic integration and ecological innovation
Studio Bell Terra cotta tiles & music heritage Cultural exhibition and performance space
Central Library Unique geometric exterior Hub for education and digital innovation


Exploring Calgary’s structure, we see more than buildings. we discover memories of creativity, green practices, and community bonds. it’s a journey of discovery and admiration.


Calgary structure excursions: An adventure via Time and layout

Be a part of our Calgary strolling excursions and dive into the city’s architectural splendor. See the Telus Sky’s hanging layout via Bjarke Ingels and the brand new primary Library by using Snohetta. every step downtown is like taking walks through an art gallery.


discover iconic Calgary landmarks with us. admire Brookfield vicinity, the town’s tallest shape at 247 meters. discover the countrywide Tune Centre’s staggering design.


The Plus 15 Skywalk: Linking Calgary’s Urban Cloth


Enjoy the Plus 15 Skywalk with us. walk the clear pathways that join Calgary’s commercial hubs.


Studio Bell and Calgary imperative Library: Masterpieces of form and characteristic


Studio Bell contains the beats of Canadian track history. close by, the Calgary Critical Library showcases innovative civic architecture.


Saddledome Arena and Calgary Tower: Icons of the Cityscape


The Saddledome Arena and Calgary Tower encompass Calgary’s pride. Each represents a chapter of Calgary’s formidable city story.


Our architectural sights Calgary experience highlights extra wonders. See the Rocky Mountains-stimulated 8th Street Place and Centrium region’s ambitious designs. Surprise at Jamieson region’s glow and the big glass skylight on the middle purchasing center.


The Peace Bridge via Santiago Calatrava showcases Calgary’s design excellence. We share tales of creativity amidst Calgary’s architectural gemstones. Word innovation within the 707 Fifth Road building via SOM Architects and Jeremy Sturgess’s layout at Fourth Road LRT Station.


Architectural Highlight Designer/Architect Unique Feature
Telus Sky Bjarke Ingels Global Design Statement
Brookfield Place ? Tallest Building in Calgary
The Core Shopping Center ? World’s Largest Glass Skylight
707 Fifth Street SOM Architects Architectural Firm Behind Iconic Structures
Peace Bridge Santiago Calatrava Renowned Unique Design


In conclusion, our Calgary walking tours bring the city’s architectural stories to life. Experience Calgary’s devotion to revolutionary design through our immersive journey.



Natural Harmony: Integrating architecture with Calgary’s outdoor Spirit


In our adventure, we delve into Calgary’s herbal landscapes and find harmony. This network stretches over 1,750 acres. It indicates Calgary’s dedication to environmental sustainability. concord blends outdoor fun with luxurious, offering an immediate link to nature.


Harmony is home to the Mickelson country-wide golfing club, a top-of-the-line golf destination. It spans 7,621 yards and offers stunning views of the Rockies. This region isn’t only a golfing course. It’s a symbol of ways Calgary marries pastime with luxury living.


Harmony strengthens community and circle of relatives ties. It boasts 25 kilometers of trails connecting to Calgary. People of every age enjoy its houses and shared spaces. It brings households closer in a supportive environment.


Harmony encourages us to care for our surroundings. It has projects like beekeeping, and imparting neighborhood honey.


Community Feature Description Opening Year
First Lake 40-acre Opened
Second Lake 100-acre, enhancing water-based activities 2019
Village Centre A hub with shops, restaurants, art galleries Planned


Harmony stands proud in Calgary because it embraces public artwork. It is the simplest location with a public artwork plan. The future holds greater adventures with a second lake. It reflects Calgary’s love for lifestyles through the water.


Join Toonie Tours on a journey where Calgary’s innovative spirit meets natural serenity. Discover a network rooted in sustainability. Concord is in which nature and development exist superbly collectively.




As our Calgary architecture adventure ends, we are happy to share the tale of the metropolis’s growth. we’ve seen how Calgary evolved from its roots to a vibrant metropolis. Iconic homes like Foothills Health Facility in 19668, The Glenbow Museum, and Nickle Arts Museum tell this story.


Our tale covered more than buildings; it celebrated Calgary’s instructional and cultural boom. We saw the college develop, and the College of Environmental Design began in 1971. The 1988 Winter Olympic Games8 marked a major event for the city.


Our adventure touched hearts and minds, developing lasting reminiscences and new understandings. Through Toonie tours, we’ve seen Calgary’s landmarks and tales, just like the Canadian Architectural data in 1974. As we go away, we hope you experience linked to Calgary, a metropolis of innovation, records, and beauty.



What can I expect to look at on a Toonie Tours Calgary architecture excursion?


Our excursions display a mix of history and modern-day perspectives. We visit old locations like Fort Calgary and new ones like the Bow Tower. You may see how Calgary blends its homes with nature.


Why is Calgary called the “Sandstone town”?


After the 1886 fireplace, Calgary was rebuilt with local sandstone. This made the metropolis stand out, particularly in places like Stephen Street Stroll.


What are some of the long-lasting Calgary systems blanketed in the tours?


We examine Calgary’s well-known homes, like the Bow Tower and the Saddledome area. They display how Calgary’s structure has modified through the years.


How do Toonie excursions exhibit Calgary’s dedication to environmental sustainability?


We stroll through green spaces and parks, citing places like Banff country-wide Park. This indicates how Calgary cares for nature as it grows.


Are Calgary structure tours appropriate for every age?


Yes! Our tours are for everybody, youngsters and experts alike. they may be amusing and educational and show off Calgary’s beautiful homes.


Can I e-book a non-public Calgary architecture excursion?


you may e book private excursions for a personalized experience. we’ll attention to what pastimes your organization, from historic sites to trendy homes.


What does the Plus 15 Skywalk represent in Calgary’s urban panorama?


The Plus 15 Skywalk is a community of bridges for walking between buildings. It shows Calgary’s smart planning and connectivity.


How long are the Toonie Tours Calgary structure excursions?


Excursions final 2 to 3 hours. This gives you a deep look at Calgary’s beauty and history without feeling hurried.


Do I need to be informed about architecture to revel in the Toonie excursions in Calgary?


No longer required! whether you’re new or an expert in structure, you’ll find our excursions interesting and smooth to apprehend.


Is there a quality time of year to take Calgary structure tours?


Calgary appears exquisite in all seasons. Summertime has long days, fall brings coloration, and iciness makes the structure stand out. We run tours all year.