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Calgary 3 Hour Private City Tour

Our Most Personalized Calgary Tour!

Calgary 3 Hour Private City Tour

This 3-hour Private City Tour of Calgary will connect you from the streets through the eyes of a local guide.

Together we will walk through Calgary, learning about the city, the province, and the Country. We will meet local legends and discover the many notable establishments along the way with your private group. The tour is filled with recommendations & tips to ensure you get the most out of your trip to the city!

Your Private Walking Tour of Calgary has a default start location out front of the Calgary Tower. Alternatively, there is the option to request a hotel or accommodations pick-up. Either way, your tour guide will meet you on foot, with a smile at the start location of your choosing. Upon arriving, your guide will introduce themselves and get familiar with your interests. They will confirm an end location with you, planning a route to get you there by tours end. You can plan for drinks, eats, or an attraction after the tour and they will drop you off there.

From First Nations Settlement to Hudson’s Bay Trading Fort

Your local Toonie Tours guide will make Calgary’s exciting history come alive. We will walk past iconic sites like Steven Avenue, the St. Louis Hotel, the Central Library, and many more. You’ll learn about Calgary’s rich and impressive First Nations history and discover how the city grew and changed to become the urban metropolis it is today.

Canada’s Rodeo Town in the Prairies

Calgary is a popular destination as a gateway to the tremendous wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. On your personal, private city walking tour, your guide will advise you how best to enjoy Calgary and the surrounding area with recommendations for food, entertainment, daytrips, nightlife, nature, and more. Must-do experiences can also be booked through your guide at a discount, and if you want to explore the depths of the area, you can spend more time with us on our Street Art & Craft Beer Tour or Calgary City Bike Tour on the Bow.

Private Tours in a Nutshell

Navigating alone through the downtown core of Calgary can be intimidating. Without a guide, you never know how many local hangouts and specialties you’re missing. That’s why Toonie Tours Calgary is excited to lead the way and connect you to the past, present, and future of the city. We will share engaging stories, insider knowledge, and top-tier service that will be a lasting memorable experience for you. Your private walking tour with us will give you our undivided attention, allowing you to experience the stories, the sights, and the nuances privately. Private tours are perfect for any pace, allowing you to get the most out of the city at your leisure.

  • Discover the Trading Posts impact on the Prairies
  • Visit Stephen Avenue
  • Marvel at the public art throughout the downtown core
  • Learn about the impact of the Central Library
  • Admire the architecture that has shaped the city
  • Meet local Canadian Heroes
Meeting Point
Calgary Tower

(including taxes and fees)

$300 (up to 15 people)

$20/person above 15 people

Tour Capacity
Up to 30 People
3 Hours
Additional Information
What Should I Bring?
  • A sense of humor and adventure!
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Water bottle
  • Secured camera
  • Appropriate clothing / umbrella for the weather (sunglasses, gloves, etc.)
  • Tips for your guide ($5-10/person tells your guide you had an excellent experience)
What's Included
  • Expert local English-speaking guide
  • Passionately researched local history
  • Recommendations for the best food, entertainment and nightlife
  • Introductions to must-do experiences
More Information

What’s the Difference Between the 2-hour & 3-hour Private Walking Tours?

The biggest difference is the amount of time we have together. We will see many of the same sights and hear many of the same stories on both tours, however, with more time we can elaborate and experience each in more details and depth. We also do our best to connect you to your interests, so with a longer tour, there is more opportunity to stop in places, grabs snacks / coffee, and explore with greater ease.

Can we book a Private Bike Tour Instead for the Same Durations?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us with your group size and particular interests and we can connect you with a quote for the tour. Prices are generally what you see here plus equipment rental costs. Contact details are at the bottom of the page.

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