Consulting Services

Our background of creating multiple 5-star businesses from the ground-up will help you develop your tourism and hospitality offerings.

Get started with a FREE 20 minute Private Business Coaching Session.

Private Business Coaching

$ 90
45 min Sessions
  • 1 on 1 with Joshua Murdoch
  • Specific Solutions For Your Business
  • Focus in On Your Plan


Understand Your Business
$ 179
One Time Offering
  • High-Level Business Strategy Review
  • Target Options Approach
  • Recommendations Report

Design and Plan

Expand Your Offerings
$ 120
  • Utilize Our Teams Unique Skill Set
  • Expand Your Presence
  • Increase Your Profits

Build and Execute

Full Service Offering
$ 470
  • All Hands-on Deck With Our Team
  • New Offering Creation
  • Executional Report & Full Implementation

Why Us?

The Toonie Tours leadership team has extensive experience in start-ups, product development and Private Coaching. Our Company has been highly rated by customers from Canada & all over the world. 

Our process has always been quality and customer in mind, with a tailored, simple approach.

Help realize your organizations goals, both internally and externally, with a fresh set of eyes.

Book your FREE 20 minute Private Business Coaching Session.


…including but not limited to…

Business Optimization

Website Optimization
SEO Optimization
Strategic Partnership Development

Product Development

Ideal Client Review
Content R&D
Tour and Experience Planning

Marketing & Branding

Logo & Branding
Stabilizing Social Media
Expanding Online Presence

The Tour Guide Academy

Online/Zoom Training
In-Person Workshops
Flourishing Customer Reviews

Who is This For?

We work with all shapes and sizes of businesses.

You’re a coffee-shop looking to offer a tasting experience.

You’re a head-brewer looking to offer a beer tour.

You’re a local farmer eager to create an interactive experience.

Or perhaps you’re a government body tasked to develop a tourism strategic plan. 

Book your FREE 20 minute Private Business Coaching Session.

The Tour Guide Academy

Looking for Tour Guide Training?

Toonie Tours’ 5-star rated process is packaged and available as online or in-person courses.

Guiding. Coaching. Business Acumen.


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