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Trying to figure out how to get your name out there? Want to set up that online shop?

Our background of creating multiple 5-star businesses from the ground-up will help you develop your tourism and hospitality offerings, in-person and online.

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…including but not limited to…

Product Development

Ideal Client Targeting
Product Story Creation
Business Value Alignment

Online Presence

Website Development
OTA Listings & Reviews
Online Shop

Marketing & Branding

Logo & Branding
Social Media Content Creation
Online Strategy

The Tour Guide Academy

Tour Guide / Host Training
Training Material R&D

Who Do We Consult For?

We specialize in small & medium sized businesses.

You’re a bed & breakfast owner looking to reach new clients.

You’re a local ‘Ma & Pa’ struggling in the digital era.

You’re a local farmer exploring agritourism.

Or perhaps you’re a small municipality tasked to develop a tourism strategic plan. 

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Check out our industry packages below.

Private Business Coaching

$ 90
45 min Sessions
  • 1 on 1 with a Tourism Expert
  • Specific Solutions For Your Business
  • Focus in On Your Plan


Understand Your Business
$ 179
One Time Offering
  • High-Level Business Strategy Review
  • Target Options Approach
  • Recommendations Report

Design and Plan

Expand Your Offerings
$ 120
  • Utilize Our Teams Unique Skill Set
  • Expand Your Presence
  • Increase Your Profits

Build and Execute

Full Service Offering
$ 470
  • All Hands-on Deck With Our Team
  • New Offering Creation
  • Executional Report & Full Implementation

Why Us?

The Toonie Tours leadership team has extensive experience in start-ups, product development, and business coaching.

Our business is highly rated by our customers and clients from all over the world.

Our process is a simple, tailored approach, with quality and customer in mind.

Help realize your organization’s goals, both internally and externally, with a fresh set of eyes.

Book your FREE 20 minute consultation now.

The Tour Guide Academy

Looking for Tour Guide Training?

Toonie Tours’ 5-star rated process is packaged and available online or in-person.

Guiding. Coaching. Business Acumen.


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