Frequently Asked Questions

A Free Walking Tour is an experience that allows you the freedom to decide the price.
We accept what you believe the tour was worth, from a Handshake & a Canadian “Thanks bud” to Cash & Credit Cards.

Our Free Walking Tours give everyone in the city, from the most financially stable to those who dream of easier days, an opportunity to
connect with the past, present, and future of Vancouver.

Our guides aim to give you $25 worth of value.

A good amount to give your guide is whatever makes you happy.  We tour people from all over the world, from all different walks of life.  The amount you decide to give should be a reflection of:

  • How much you enjoyed the tour and your guide
  • How much you want to see this service be available in Vancouver for years to come
  • Your personal finances

It is our objective that everybody leaves the tour feeling like they have participated in a fair exchange of value and can leave knowing that their contribution is valued.

If your free tour guide makes an average of $25 per person, they will know their job was well done.

Tipping is an appropriate way to let your guide know they did an extra-ordinary job.  At Toonie Tours, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure all of our guests know how much they mean to us.  When our guests go above and beyond for us, it makes our day (and our rent!).

A Toonie is a Canadian $2 coin and an iconic symbol of Canada.

It is known to all Canadians – and now you.

There is nothing more Canadian than a Toonie… Tour!

A Toonie Tour is the most Canadian experience you can get in Vancouver.  
Learn about Canadian culture, history, poutine, lumberjacks, hockey, beer, mountains, and much more.

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing (an umbrella or raincoat in the rain, sunglasses in the sun)
  • Cash or credit card to pay for snacks, and your guide should you like to do so
  • Sense of humour
  • A fun fact about yourself to share with the group at the start of the tour

​100% guarantee your experience on a Toonie Tour by booking in advance.  Tours fill up daily and we recommend reserving your spot as soon as possible!  Walk up customers are welcome to fill up any open spots.

No!  We are entirely funded by the generosity of our guests.
We have made a conscious decision to ensure that the local recommendations we provide on tour are entirely honest.  When your guide tells you their favourite ramen restaurant, poutine shop, or watering hole – trust them!

Once you’ve done all our tours, you’ll know exactly how you want to spend the rest of your time.  Our guides know about everything in the area including cool hikes, secluded lakes, hidden bars, who has the best happy hour, what museums are worth checking out, and much much more.

Please ask your guide tons of questions – we want to give you insider info.

The MoreDekes!
This is Josh, Logan, and Natte’s recreational hockey team.   While certainly not the best players in the world, they have the best “dressing room game”, and are probably the most fun team around.
Ask the guys when they play next and watch them in Burnaby!  

On our Free Walking Tours, we stop halfway for a washroom, beverage, and snack break.

On our Street Art & Craft Beer Tour, sharing food is included with your tour!  Additional food and drinks are available for purchase along the way.

On The Stanley Park Bike Tour, your guide will be 3 West Coast Canadian food and drink treats.  What you’ll get is a surprise – all we’ll tell you is that 2 are Vegan and 1 is Carnivorous.

This one of a kind Vancouver experience shows you what you need to see, how Vancouver came to be, and everything Canadian from EH to Z!

Click the tour below to reserve your uniquely Canadian Toonie Tour experience today!

Please email us at guide@vancouvertoonietours.ca and we will be happy to customize a unique and memorable experience for your group.

Have more questions?  We want to answer them.
Please contact us:

  • by email guide@vancouvertoonietours.ca
  • by phone: (778) 244-8648
  • on instagram and facebook @ToonieTours