Toonie Tours is a Canadian Small Business founded by young, passionate, local entrepreneurs.
Toonie Tours is a concept shaped by 3 best friends in an effort to put their passions for history, tourism, entrepreneurialism, and community spirit into practice.  Logan, Joshua, and Nathan, pictured left to right above, created Toonie Tours on the principles of trust, optimism, and the belief that something small can have a big impact.  
The Toonie Tours team has enjoyed Free Walking Tours in cities around the globe.  Because the free tour has shaped their travels so much they wanted to give back to that community and designed the Free Walking Tour of Vancouver & Victoria, now rated the ‘best Free Walking Tour in Canada’.
Meet the Toonie Tours Trio and our fantastic team of expert local guides below.
We are thrilled to meet you in person on a Toonie Tour!








“Next to trying and winning,
the best thing is trying and failing.”

– L.M. Montgomery
Writer, Canadian

…a high energy entrepreneur who loves teaching, travelling, and acting. After performing for an audience, giving tours is his all time passion.  

After two extensive journey’s in Europe Josh found his love for travel and tourism. He found that his impressions of the cities he visited, often depended on the people he experienced the city with. This sparked the interest of sharing Vancouver with others. He wants you to love Vancouver, and with his work experience being mainly in performing, he feels he is just the guy to do that.

Joshua has been acting since growing up in small town Kitimat, BC. He took his talents to Calgary upon graduating high school to study Theatre at Mount Royal University. Since graduating he has worked with many theatre and film companies including: Shakespeare in the Park (Double Falsehood, Much Ado About Nothing, Othello), The Shakespeare Company (Macbeth), Nocturnal Studios (Blood Mountain), The CW (The 100), NBC (Timeless), and Blinds Eye Entertainment (Daughter of the Wolf).

  1. Logan and Natte’s Leftwinger on The MoreDekes hockey team.
  2. Gives lessons to aspiring actors.
  3. Has lived in Mt. Pleasant, Olympic Village, and now resides in the LaneWay district.
  4. Watches almost every Flames Hockey Game.
  5. Rocked the microphone on Stage in the Ruin Bars of Budapest.

“Mt Pleasant!  It has a cool local vibe and is home to my favourite coffee place (Gene’s), favourite craft beer (Main Street Pilsner), and my favourite street art piece (The Exhausting Machine, NEVERCREW).” 

You will see Josh’s favourite Vancouver Spot on our Street Art & Craft Beer Tour!



General Manager Victoria

“When one door closes
another door opens”

– Alexander Graham Bell
Inventor, Canadian

…from the Rocky Mountain Town of Jasper, Alberta.  Logan’s parents raised him to value community, nature, & physical activity, and he is ecstatic to have the opportunity to put those 3 principles into practice through Vancouver Toonie Tours.

The previous decade of Logan’s life was spent obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the U of A and subsequently utilizing that Degree in Edmonton and Vancouver.  

Through studying and working as an Engineer, Logan gained invaluable insight into what it takes to be successful as a person, teammate, and company, and those insights gave him the confidence to embark on a pursuit of his own passion.

In the fall of 2017, Logan went on a hiatus from the Engineering World and began exploring.  A trip to Europe with his fellow Co-founders sparked a passion for history & tourism, and culminated with the founding of a company that enables him to share that spark & the home he loves with the world.

  1. Josh and Natte’s Centre on The MoreDekes hockey team.
  2. Gives tasty treats to his frisbee-catching Australian Shepherd named Jake.
  3. Has lived in North Vancouver, the West End, Burnaby, and is now a resident of the super cool South Main Street neighbourhood.
  4. Watches almost every Oilers Hockey game.
  5. Is named after the tallest Mountain in Canada, which his dad climbed:  Mount Logan.

“Stanley Park!  I grew up in a small town surrounded by forest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  I am at home in nature.”

You will see Logan’s favourite Vancouver Spot on our Stanley Park Cycle Tour!



General Manager Vancouver

“You miss 100% of the shots
you don’t take.”

— Wayne Gretzky
Hockey Player, Canadian.

…the entrepreneur by day, drummer by night. Natte has been fortunate to take opportunities throughout his 20’s to see the world and find out what’s really important to him. With 22 countries under his belt on 4 continents he feels blessed to always return to his home in Vancouver Canada. 

Natte started his professional career at the age of 20 as a graduate from SAIT Polytechnics Power Engineering Program. He then started what would be 7 years of hard work building his portfolio while supplying efficient, reliable and environmentally prudent energy to his community, nation and the world. In 2017, Natte had reached the goals he had set, enabling him to leave the energy industry to pursue other passions with more dedication. That year, Natte formed two bands, The Carbons and Right on Red, one of which recorded an LP and started planning for a 2018 Canadian Tour. 

After many great adventures with VTT’s cofounders Logan and Josh, the trio dreamed big for an opportunity to use their performance, entrepreneurial and social skills in a way that allows them to be outside, make new friends and give back to their community every day. Natte is thrilled to be your guide and share his favourite parts of the city. 

Come take a tour and ask him about where you can see him next on the big stage. ​

  1. Joshy and Logan’s Rightwinger on The MoreDekes hockey team.

2. Gives lessons to aspiring drummers.

3. Has lived in Olympic Village and now resides in the LaneWay district.

4. Ends up watching most Flames and Oilers Games.

5. Owns 4 drumsets and lugged half of one with him all around Europe. #DrumEveryWhere

“Gastown!  This trendy neighbourhood is packed with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and live music.”

You will see Natte’s favourite area on our All Canadian Free Walking Tour!





“Courage, my friends: 
“tis not too late to build a
better world.”

– Tommy Douglas
Politician, Canadian

…born and raised in the wonderful city of Toronto but heard the mountains calling and was #BCbound! Having relocated to Vancouver, you can find Jon playing volleyball or rugby at Kitsilano Beach, cycling between breweries and cafes or photographing Vancouver’s stunning sunsets! Every weekend, Jon can be found exploring the endless views and hikes of British Columbia! Jon is currently an aspiring professional photographer focusing on lifestyle and landscape!

“A secret spot along Kitsilano Beach where you can sit on a private swing while watching the sun set beside the mountains and cityscape. (hint: only accessible during low tide)”

You will see Jon’s secret spot on our Pioneer Picnic Sunset Tour!



Your umbrella is waiting!

Want to share Canada with the world, be outside, and make new friends everyday?  Apply to be the newest Toonie Tours guide!

Please email guide@vancouvertoonietours.ca and make your case!  Note: It is recommended you come on a Toonie Tour before applying.


A message from the founders


Logs, Joshua, & Nathan

We are three best friends who love Canada and love sharing it with the world.
We are humbled to meet visitors from around the world and to contribute to the Canadian hospitality experience. 

Logs, Joshua, & Natte

We work here! We play here!

When we’re done guiding tours, you can catch us on-top of the Grouse Grind (pictured right), floating in Cat-lake, biking the seawall, playing hockey, eating fantastic Vancouver cuisine, sipping a cheeky-pint at a local brewery, and spending quality time with family and friends.


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