Street Art
& Craft Bevvy
Walking Tour


Price (plus taxes and fees):


Group Size:

10 People


3 Hrs ( 1.5 KM/1 Mile walking)

Meeting Point:

Olympic Village Square, by the birds,
Vancouver BC


Craft Beer Fight Tasting
Street Art Mural Stories
Introduction to Breweries
Local Recommendations

Connect with new friends and experience top-selected beer and art on the Street Art & Craft Beer Tour. You’re local guide has mapped out the best route to it all. 

Our tour begins at Olympic Village Square (by the birds). We’ll make introductions and connect with the history of the area to get started.

Then, on the 9am tour, we’ll take in our first coffee tasting experience by some of the best in the business.

On the 2 & 6pm tours, we’ll head into Craft Beer Market where we have the selection of over 150 beers on tap, spanning from the small local craft breweries to the mega batch world-wide breweries.

Next we’ll head outside for an easy walk winding our way through the backroads and alleyways of Mount Pleasant to enjoy the spectacular street art murals that sprawl throughout the neighbourhood. Each mural has it’s story and each story has it’s author, and we’ll do our best to connect you to both. You’ll leave with a sense of connection to the art, their artists and the area. We’ll keep things interesting along the way by popping into other coffee shops (9am) or breweries (2 & 6pm) to sample their craft beverages and get a feel for the vibes.

Book now and prepare for great company and good vibes.

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More about The Street Art & Craft Beer Tour

As we wind our way through the back streets of Mt Pleasant on this 3 hour walking tour, we will get up close and personal with Vancouver’s favorite street art murals.  Your expert guide will lead you off the beaten path and into an evening of discovery. Sprawling the walls adjacent to the dimly-lit alleyways are breathtaking murals, thoughtful stencils, and heartfelt graffiti markings. Stand in awe and let your imagination wander.

The street art ranges from stylized graffiti, to vibrant wall murals, to Banksy-Esque wall stencils.  Some artists leave us thinking about our most basic daily routines, while others are simply painting pretty pictures.  After taking a moment to absorb every stunning detail, your local guide will encourage you to share your thoughts on the piece.  Your guide will share statements, quotes, and commentary from the artists themselves, giving you the full picture. 

You will emerge from the alleys feeling both wiser & fresher, older & younger, and ready to enjoy the rest of your night with good company.  Your guide will drop you a stone’s throw from 8 local craft breweries, where you can carry on the night long after the tour is done. 

Who is this tour great for?

  • Beer-Lovers
  • Art-Lovers
  • Social butterflies
  • Locals and visitors alike
  • Those looking for a fun, social, inspiring, and interactive experience
  • Those interested to be introduced to the local breweries in the area

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