30 Apr 2024 | Victoria

Amid the cobblestone streets and Pacific mist, we crave an adventure through Canada’s craft beer hub. In the energetic taprooms, a pint suggests the metropolis’s rich beer culture. Join a Victoria craft beer tour by Toonie Tours for a taste of local breweries, where each sip shares a tale of hops and history.


To the inventive brewers at Axe and Barrel and the clean offerings of crimson Arrow Brewing, we toast. Wandering through ancient downtown, our move slowly isn’t pretty much beer. It’s a journey into Victoria’s brewing artistry. With Toonie Tours, we discover without fear, diving deep right into a culture rich with beer.


Key Takeaways

  • Find out the West Coast’s craft beer capital with an immersive tour of local breweries.
  • Cross on a Toonie excursion to peer into the heart of Victoria’s well-known beer-tasting scene.
  • See Lighthouse Brewery’s latest brewing tech at their growler station.
  • Strive for famous nearby beers, like Phillips Brewery’s Blue Buck.
  • Revel in the particular vibes of places like the Moon under Water and category.
  • Enjoy a guided brewery crawl through downtown Victoria’s ancient areas.

Embark at the closing Victoria Craft Beer tour

Victoria Craft Beer tour
Victoria Craft Beer tour

Discussing Brewery Tours Victoria is not just about trying beers. It’s approximately telling a story of tastes, talent, and friendship in Victoria’s tradition. Vancouver’s craft beer international grew amazingly in four years. 


Vancouver Brewery excursions elevated from six to 19 breweries. Victoria reflects this growth, too. We invite you to discover this hops-stuffed adventure with Toonie Tours Victoria.


Our guided brewery excursions are instructional journeys. They train about beer-making in the course of half of the excursion. You will learn about Bridge Brewing’s large production and Postmark Brewing’s growth into an international brand. each sip tells a tale from the brewer’s global.


Our excursions offer more than craft beer tasting; they are a cultural adventure. We go to artisanal markets and blend with the local people. You’ll find fun in Canoe Brewpub’s laughter or share tales over drinks at Bartholomew’s Pub. Our journey consists of trying distillery spirits and craft beers and celebrating Victoria’s diverse subculture.


We’re proud to be part of an international trend. Over half of American craft beer exports come from Canada. This fame motivates us to provide unforgettable Toonie excursions Victoria revels in. Permits rejoice in the art of brewing and playing splendid beer. Here’s to discovery, getting to know, and joy – the spirit of Victoria’s craft beer tour.


Coming across Victoria’s Historic Brewpubs


In Victoria, historical brewpubs spotlight the city’s deep reference to craft beer. With over 20 breweries, each offers a unique tale and taste. Spinnakers Brewpub, the primary amongst them, not only started out all of it but additionally maintained advancing the craft.


Spinnakers: A Waterfront Pioneer in Craft Brewing


Known as Canada’s first gastropub, Spinnakers Brewpub opened in 1984. It sits by the water, giving stunning views of the Inner Harbor. Here, one can enjoy their famous Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale. This place leads the way in the craft beer scene, offering unique flavors to Victoria.


Swans Brewery, Pub & lodge: A Legacy of nearby Ales

Victoria craft beer
Victoria craft beer

Swans Brewery, Pub & Lodge is a key part of Victoria’s beer history. It has been serving beer for over 30 years in a building completed by individuals. Traffic loves the Pitch Black Chamomile Pilsner, which shows off the combo of antique and new brewing skills.


These special spots are more than just places to drink. They may be places where craft brewing history is enjoyed with every sip. We continue celebrating Spinnakers Brewpub and Swans Brewery, hoping to inspire future brewers. Touring those brewpubs is a journey through Victoria’s wealthy craft beer records.


Experience the numerous Flavours of Victoria’s Craft Beers.


In Victoria, the craft beer scene is rich and delightfully varied. Our exploration of local breweries introduces us to various brews. From conventional pilsners to modern ales, we get a taste of the metropolis’s passion for craft beer.


Victoria’s love for craft beer is clear, specifically at the Christmas Craft Beer Show. This event quickly became a community highlight. Tickets are $ 40 for some or $70 for the whole weekend, drawing each fanatic and newcomer.


Vancouver Island will be the pinnacle craft beer manufacturer within the province. Seasonal shows show up in a hockey rink, imparting an icy homage to Canada’s favorite sport.


The event features 42 breweries and cideries, typically from Extra Victoria. Attendees acquire two tokens and can get more to try diverse winter ales and spiced ales.


Brewers paint it tough for eight months to create a unique beer gala almost every weekend. This effort makes Victoria’s beer scene unparalleled.


Victoria’s craft beer range is remarkable all year. Seasonal craft shows show a thriving market geared up for greater festivals. With passionate manufacturers and fans, the craft beer enterprise right here is about to develop.


Collectively, we enjoy Victoria’s craft beer, making it an essential part of our tradition and network.


Exploring the Artisanal Craft of Malting and Brewing


We are drawn into the sector of artisanal brewing, where malt magic blends with mastery. Victoria, a resident of over 20 breweries, deeply values the art of beer making.


Phillips Brewing grew from small beginnings to a frontrunner in neighborhood beer innovation. After twenty years, their very own malt house now fuels their creative brews.


The In-house Mastery at Phillips Brewing and Malting Co.


Phillips Brewing cherishes malt craftsmanship and sustainability. With their very own malting, they produce precise beers like Blue buck Ale, cherished by way of many.


Grains to Glass: Vancouver Island Brewing’s eco-friendly method


We move to Vancouver Island Brewing, known for balancing eco-friendly processes with brewing art. Their standout Victoria Lager and Nanaimo Bar Imperial Porter showcase this commitment. In 2017, they upgraded their brewery for better sustainability.


They’ve also adopted the Gruber growler filler for green beer serving. This is part of their broader dedication to the environment, marking their stance in Victoria.


Phillips Brewing and Vancouver Island Brewing encompass Victoria’s wealthy beer subculture. Their dedication conjures us to dive into and experience the nearby brewing scene.


Visiting Innovative and Modern Breweries in Victoria


As we explore Victoria’s streets and alleys, we find a place wherein new meets antique perfectly in beer tradition. This spot, in the metropolis’s coronary heart, suggests how present-day beers are converting Canada’s brewery scene.


Ile Sauvage Brewery shines as a haven for lovers of Belgian-style ales. It’s more than just a brewery. It’s a place where each sip tells the tale of detailed craft.


Ile Sauvage Brewery: A Twist on Belgian-fashion Wild Ales


Ile Sauvage is known for its wild, specific beers, like the Apricot Golden Bitter. This brewery stands as a beacon of innovation in Victoria’s colorful beer scene. Its dedication is displayed through complex brews and a contemporary tasting room. Its ales, available in 946ml cans, can help you experience its particular taste at home.


Embracing Creativity at Moon Underneath Water Brewery


Moon Under Water mixes old European brewing with new flavors. Their Creepy Uncle Dunkel dark lager is especially noteworthy. Moon Under Water embodies innovation, offering German-style and sour beers. They also have tasty food for a complete experience.


Redefining Victoria Ile Sauvage Brewery Moon Under Water Brewery
Specialization Belgian-Style Wild Ales German-Style and Sour Beers
Flagship Brew Apricot Golden Sour Creepy Uncle Dunkel
Take-home Format 946ml Cans Flights and Growlers
Experience Tasting Room Adventure Sampling and Cuisine Pairing


Exploring these breweries takes us to where tradition and innovation meet, creating colorful, cutting-edge beers. This journey through Victoria’s beer scene indicates a determination to try Belgian ales and greater. It exhibits a bold willingness to test with flavors.




In our adventure approximately Victoria brewery tours, we have celebrated a culture rich in taste and community. Our journey highlights the pleasure of Victoria Beer Week, an event every March. It brings beer tastings, joint brews, and getting-to-know studies for everyone to enjoy. 


We recollect Canada’s first brewpub, Spinnakers, and its role in keeping local brewing alive. It’s an area where beers like the creative Barking Mad Plum Porter and the deep 1855 darkish amber ale are loved.


Searching back at Victoria’s brewing history and nowadays, we see how beer fanatics and brewers are key to our neighborhood scene. With the tenth anniversary of Victoria’s craft beer Week, we see it’s greater than tasting specific beers. 


It’s approximately helping an industry that gives lower back to our network and makes a welcoming spot for all beer fans. Sharing these moments boosts Victoria’s craft beer way of life, making it acknowledged for excellence and creativity.


If you love beer or want to try it, come join us at the subsequent Victoria Beer Week or an excursion with Toonie Tours. Their enthusiasm and knowledge make each step of the adventure real and fun. Here’s to many more years of shared beverages, memories, and excursions. They highlight our region’s beer artistry and the connections it creates among us.


What can I expect from a Victoria craft beer tour with Toonie Tours?


Our Victoria craft beer excursion dives deep into BC’s brewing hot spot. You may visit nearby breweries and enjoy guided tastings. You will also learn about brewing records and procedures. All of this takes place in downtown Victoria’s active scene.


Are there any historical brewpubs visited at the Toonie Tours Brewery move slowly?


Indeed, we include historic brewpubs like Spinnakers Brewpub and Swans Brewery. Here, you’ll taste various craft beers. You will additionally dive into Victoria’s brewing history.


Do the brewery tours in Victoria accommodate dietary regulations or non-drinkers?

Every person is welcome on our tours. We strive to satisfy nutritional needs as much as possible. For non-drinkers, we’ve got non-alcoholic alternatives to ensure a laugh for all.


Can you tell me more about the artisanal craft of malting and brewing on the excursion?


Virtually! You will explore the artisanal facet of brewing and malting. This consists of a visit to Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. You will see their malting operations. Plus, Vancouver Island Brewing’s excursion will display its eco-friendly beer manufacturing.


What makes the breweries in Victoria, like Ile Sauvage and Moon Underneath Water, stand out?


Ile Sauvage and Moon Below Water exhibit the creativity of Victoria’s beer scene. Ile Sauvage crafts Belgian-fashion sours and wild ales for current tastes. Moon Underneath Water uses EU strategies for cutting-edge flavors, making Victoria’s beer tradition various.


How much does a Toonie Tours craft beer tasting price, and what does it include?


The tour fee is between .50 and 1.00. It includes a comprehensive manual, transportation, and beer tastings at diverse breweries.


Can we purchase the beer we flavor for the duration of the excursion, like the Blue Greenback Ale from Phillips Brewing?


Sure! We encourage shopping for your favored beers to support nearby corporations. Phillips Brewing has range packs with popular choices like Blue buck Ale.


Are craft beer excursions only available in downtown Victoria?


Maximum breweries we visit are downtown, however we additionally go to locations like Spinnakers Brewpub. it’s a brief scenic harbour taxi journey away for complete enjoyment.