29 Apr 2024 | Victoria

Welcome to Victoria’s Haunted Heritage. Join Toonie Tours as we look deeper into Victoria’s richly haunted history. Victoria is one of those cities that have always managed to stand out because of the blend of historical intrigue and contemporary appeal. Full of paranormal hotspots, believers and skeptics alike are drawn for chances at new kinds of learning.

An Introduction to Victoria’s Ghostly Reputation Eerie tales of Victoria have been a Ghostly Walks tradition for over 20 years. Year round, including October, with supernatural encounters for every season.

However, the degree of trust in ghosts in Victoria, from varied regions, varies from highly trusted to healthy skepticism, making it absolutely beautiful to a nation’s fascination with anything mysterious. We now invite you to see this city through our eyes; you may just change your entire perspective on the supernatural.

Why Victoria is a Mecca for Paranormal Activity

Victoria earns the title of Canada’s most ghost-rich city, its story mingling Indigenous, British, and Chinese stories. These serve our ghost tours with a special amount of authenticity, with folklore that includes the purifying power of ordinary salt woven into our storytelling.

“The haunted landscape of Victoria is an old and new intricate tapestry, each story woven in with its ghostly heritage.”

Come feed your curiosity with one of these supernatural tales, each steeped in history and the haunts of ghostly Victoria.

Seasonal Tour Availability and Ghost Stories Our tours offer something different with each passing season: from the story of frequent hauntings that might accompany your Halloween celebration to the anecdotal experiences of ghosts that make for a chilling winter wonder. Weekend tours will bring the ghostly narrative of history to life, and will surely be even more emboldened by the eerie silence of winter.

Walking through the shadowy paths of Victoria, the echoes of past generations may remain with you, turning the stories into mere invitations to a hidden world of discovery.

Victoria’s most infamous Haunted places

Haunted places
Haunted places

Victoria’s Most Haunted Places Walk among the city’s iconic landmarks while listening to stories of mystery and murder, where every street corner has a haunting tale of its own. We’re known as the most haunted city in all of British Columbia, and you can come with us to find out why.

Come see where history is very much a part of the here and now. From the haunting beauty of Beacon Hill Park to the spooktacularly haunted Victoria Golf Course, from the ghostly presence at Victoria Parliament Buildings to each and every one of the sites offering a unique glimpse into the world of the paranormal.

Experiences where they Immerse in Toon A Toonie Tour are more than ghost stories by night. It is an interactive show with an expert in storytelling, bringing the haunted history of Victoria back to life.

Our guides will take you down the moonlit cobblestone streets, setting the scene and narrating captivating tales pulled from extensive research into the history—blending fact with a ghostly legend—to carry you away.

We invite you to discover those phantasmal locations inside Victoria’s history. As we move from historical past websites to eerie locations, we percentage memories that trade how we see our city’s dark corners. Be a part of us and upload the memories of Victoria’s hauntings.

Location Established Haunting Highlights
Beacon Hill Park 1882 200 acres of hauntingly beautiful landscape with ghostly encounters
Victoria Golf Course 1893 Home to the oldest fairways in Canada and the apparition of Doris Gravlin
Victoria Parliament Buildings 1890s Architectural splendor fused with the spectral presence of Francis Rattenbury
Hatley Castle 1908 Dunsmuir family legacies haunt this storied castle
The Fairmont Empress 1908 Grandeur and ghosts reside side by side in this landmark hotel

Immersive reports with Toonie excursions

Toonie tour
Toonie tour

A Toonie tour is more than simply ghost testimonies. It’s an immersive ghost excursion that exhibits Victoria’s haunted records. We aim to offer a real experience, mixing the mystery of the unknown with timeless stories.

Embark on an Eerie adventure.

Get prepared for a shiver-inducing journey. Our eerie Victoria journeys take you through foggy, ghost-ridden spots. It’s an exploration of Victoria’s dark history, making for a memorable, atmospheric nighttime.

The artwork of Storytelling on Victoria Ghost excursions

The core of our Toonie tour’s spooky adventures is professional storytelling. Taking walks on the moonlit cobbled streets, our courses share Victoria’s ghost stories drawn from thorough ancient studies. The stories, a mixture of reality and ghostly legend, captivate and transport you.

Tour Price Duration Unique Feature
Ghostly Vancouver Tours $25 – $31 Varies City-wide ghostly narratives
Lost Souls of Gastown Adults: $32

Students/Seniors: $29

1 hour A historical journey through Gastown
Haunted Corn Maze, Maan Farms Starting from $45 Nighttime Thrilling maze adventure
Self-guided Fake Ghost Tours, Gastown Free of charge Self-paced Explore at your own risk

Find out ghosts from the beyond with us. Let Victoria’s ghost memories relax you to the bone. We invite you to return at nightfall for an adventure to the opposite facet of this ancient metropolis. If you’re brave enough, be part of us for a voyage into the supernatural.

The dark records in the back of Victoria’s Landmarks

Dark History That Vicotria’s Landmarks Tell It’s the haunting past of Victoria’s landmarks. Every beautiful street and building has its own dark story, from unsolved mysteries in Beacon Hill Park to hidden ghostly whispers of Victoria’s Chinatown.

We also have a table of the most haunted spots and their spooky phenomena. Those tales continue to fascinate even the largest skeptics:

Landmark Estimated Age Phenomenon
Beacon Hill Park 140 years Unsolved Mystery & Doppelgänger Sightings
Victoria’s Chinatown Secret Tunnels Existence Ghost Hauntings
Victoria Golf Club 130 years Ghost Summoning Ritual
Ross Bay Cemetery Historic Graveyard Abundant Paranormal Activity
McPherson Playhouse 104 years Haunted by The Grey Lady
Helmcken House Nocturnal Piano Melodies Enduring Ghostly Music
Fairmont Empress Hotel Luxurious Haunts Ghostly Guests Residence

Our memories aim to do more than frighten us. They join you with Victoria’s soul, a city wealthy with dark ancient stories. As night falls, we usher you into the mystique of haunted Victoria. Stroll with us and be a part of the ever-unfolding tale of those ghostly stories.

Victoria Ghost Tours:

Discovering the Secrets of the City After Dark Here begins an adventure as dusk falls, and the veil of twilight turns over the night to Victoria. A ghostly whisper of days gone by seems to breathe life into the cool evening breezes, drawing you down the haunted, dark shadowy figures moving in the alleys.

Let Toonie Tours guide you through the secrets of the cobblestone streets and meet the spirits of yesteryear. Join us for an evening of history and hauntings, and see why Victoria is so famous for its spectral charm. Let the stories of Victoria’s otherworldly inhabitants beguile and unite you with the mystifying soul of this historic city.


What can I assume from Victoria ghost excursions?

Anticipate a mix of terrific memories and spooky reviews. You will learn about the town’s haunted history. And you may experience the presence of ghosts.

Why is Victoria acknowledged for its paranormal activities?

Its records is filled with eerie events. assume Wild West, hangings, and opium dens. also, disturbed ancient burial websites and special electricity spots make it a ghostly area.

Which places are blanketed within the ghostly taking walks excursion?

We go to places like Bastion Rectangle and The Empress Inn. These spots are famous for his or her ghost memories and paranormal hobbies.

How do Toonie’s excursions deliver Victoria’s ghostly recognition of existence?

Our publications are first-rate storytellers. They proportion ghostly memories based totally on history. This brings the spooky facet of Victoria to life.

Are the ghost tours appropriate for the faint-hearted?

Sure, our excursions blend historical testimonies with gentle spooks. We aim for fun now, not fear. All are welcome, from the brave to the curious!

What makes Victoria’s haunted historical past particular?

It is a combination of British and Chinese ghost memories. This, along with Victoria’s history and area, creates unique ghostly adventures.

Are the testimonies advised at the excursions based on actual activities?

Certainly, our testimonies are backed by historical studies and nearby lore. They mirror Victoria’s actual, darkish history.

Am I able to come upon real ghosts on the excursion?

Ghost encounters are not guaranteed. but, many visitors sense something unusual within the haunted spots. Victoria’s eerie websites can also marvel you.

What protection measures are in location for the duration of the ghost tours?

Your protection is our pinnacle priority. Our publications are properly educated for safety, and we choose comfortable paths. We recognize the websites and tales shared.

How do I ebook a Victoria ghost tour with Toonie Tours?

It’s easy to e-book online with us. Simply visit our website to discover a tour time. Then, get ready for a ghostly adventure after dark.